Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lladro Does It Again:
New ReDeco and ReCyclos

If It's Hip, It's Here: Lladro Does It Again: <br> New ReDeco and ReCyclos

Laura posted this wonderful article of Lladro's new product lineups! I especially like the one of trilogy with flowers covered all over them at the end!
"One of the themes chosen by this creative team is the love of a couple, whose evolution is depicted by a truly characteristic element in the creations of this porcelain brand: handmade flowers, made petal by petal. Therefore, the designers’ proposal consists of three couples made of white porcelain covered progressively by flowers, signifying the growth of their feelings. This trilogy comes to a close with a spectacular creation, covered with the greatest number of flowers ever created in the history of LladrĂ³: over a thousand flowers covering the characters’ bodies."

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Accessories holder by inf. DESIGN

Accessories holder by inf. DESIGN

Cute Floral design product to hold all my daily accessories Just press it against the mirror and all the frequent used jewelries that seem to always be missing -earrings, rings, bracelets..etc can now be found at a glance!

Designed and made in Japan! (via All Style)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Flowerpower Fan by Elmar Fl�totto

Flowerpower Fan by Elmar Fl�totto

I saw this fan at the W design store in Taiwan this past month and fell in love with it immediately. It not only looks cute and stylish, it's actually very functional!

"The Flowerpower Fan by Elmar Fl�totto is good-looking, effective and safe. Even on the highest level of speed, touching the fan is completely harmless. Also, the security automatism stops the fan immediately when touched.

This is the fan with with a minimum of wattage and a maximum endurance.
Switched off, the Flowerpower fan looks like a stylish high-tech flower.
Switched on it and it cools your hotter summer days." (via W Design Store Taiwan)